Saturday, September 20, 2008

Home Again.....

I know I have slacked on the blog front, but since school started, I have been super busy!  My little kiddos are getting more adjusted to school!  We've had 1 whole day out of 12 where there was NO crying!!  Isn't that fantastic!  I was thrilled with it!  They have come a long ways....which is great because I was REALLY worried after the first day of school.  They know how to sit, line up, get their lunch, and 21 out of 25 of them can write their name without looking at it anymore!!!  I am so excited about it!  Kinda lame, but if you had seen what I started with, you would be excited too!  My Spanish and ESL classes are going well too.  Time consuming, but really worth it.  I have been using my newly acquired Spanish speaking skills a lot!!!

We just come home from spending the week at Cam's parent's house while they were gone
 to New York.  It was a great week.....I saved a ton of gas not having to drive more than 3
 minutes to work!  And Milo (their dog) only managed to chew through 1 pillow!!  So I call that a successful week!  The even surprised me with a fabulous prize from their trip!  When we were in Vegas, my dear little Stacy introduced me to the most delicious smelling perfume....Marc Jacob's Daisy.  Well, Cam fell in love with it too when we were school shopping and bought me a bottle of the lotion to start out with.  I love it and wear it every day.  Now I can wear the perfume too!  They brought me home a bottle of it!!  I love it!!  Stace, I hope you found your Daisy Ring!!!  

I am excited to say that I have officially begun the process of applying to grad school!  If all goes well, I plan to start classes this summer to work of my M.Ed, and reading endorsement.  It is going to be a long 
and slow process, but I am really excited to do it.  I still have to take the GRE, and finish the application for the Education Department, but have completed everything for the University admissions, which is the first step, since they have to admit me before any other
 department can.  A master's degree is something that I have always wanted, and know that if I am going to do it, now is the time because the longer I wait to go back, the less likely I am to actually do it.  Keep your fingers crossed!

The other thing I am incredible excited about that began in the last week is 
The Biggest Loser: Families!  I LOVE that show!!  I know it sounds corny, but it always motivates me to be a better person and take better care of myself.  As the blog as my witness, and all of the lovely 1 year from today it is my goal to look as close to Ali (the winner of last years competition, pictured below) as possible.  I know what I need to do, and now is the time for me to do it!  I am going to use my blog as a way to track my progress because it will hold me accountable.  I owe it to myself, Cameron, and our families to be the healthiest person I can be.  Like getting my master's degree, now is the time to do it.  I gotta do it for me.  This isn't going to be easy, but will be so worth it in the long run.