Sunday, June 27, 2010


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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Ya....I forgot another event!!

I can't believe I forgot about FATHER'S DAY!! Along with our 3 great Mom's.....we also have 3 amazing men whom we are so priviledged to call Dad. So, a few days late....we pay homage to the men in our lives.

This is Daddy Rick.....I think this might be my favorite picture of all time!

This is Daddy Greg.....he turned my husband into the tech nerd he is today.

This is Daddy Wes.....super glad my mom married him! He is a great step-dad!

We love you all so much! Thank you for being who you are, and for doing all you do for us! Hope your Father's Day was amazing!

Because it is summer.....

Summer is officially here...because I am out of school! Well, summer actually began almost a month ago, but am just getting around to updating the world (ok, maybe not the world, but anyone who cares enough to read about us) on the past 5 or so weeks at the Romero house.

Summer vacation for me officially began on June 3rd. This year was an interesting one for me. I had probably the best group of kids as a whole, but it was one of the hardest years for me as a teacher. I had some major behavior challenges that really tested me to the limit, and on several occaisions put me in tears. I even at one point questioned why I became a teacher.....ya, it was that bad at times. I will say it made me look at the way I teach and handle behavior in a very different way. Am I sad that the year has come to an end, and my problem is moving on to 1st grade (sorry Lauren), yes and no. Am I happy to have a break....YES! Am I happy I wasn't able to make as much progress with this particular So, needless to day the end of the school year was incredibly bittersweet. So, here is to summer vacation!

(I wish I was spending my summer vacation here!)

My first adventure of the summer came the day after school got out. My lovely, and very crafty friend, Liz and I had planned on venturing on down to Houston to visit our out of state FuFu sister, Stacy. We both planned on using buddy passes (standby tickets) to get there, but that didn't work out (which you will soon find out was probably for the best). Liz bought her ticket, and I was still going to use a buddy pass. Well, my first attempt at getting on a flight to Denver (my only stop on my itinerary) was at 5 AM.....Yes....5 AM. If you know ANYTHING about me, you know I am not a morning person, so the thought of getting up at 3:30 AM, and getting to the airport by 4 AM made me a little ill. But, I did it. Well, I didn't get on the first flight.....or the next one at 7:30 AM. I then found out that there were 2 other flights that were being re-routed and passengers on those flights were impacting my ability to get on the plane. So, I waited, and waited, and waited some more.....only to be bumped further and further back on the standby list. I would be lying if I said I wasn't overcome with every emotion possible during my stay at the airport. Well, around noon, I was still waiting to see if I would get on the next flight. I asked the lovely person at the gate counter if there was any chance of me getting to Denver, let alone Houston. She looked up the next flight, and told me that I would "probably" get on the next flight.....but that there was no way I would get to Houston in the next 2 days. Wow.....that was a blow I was not expecting. By that time, Liz's flight to Denver (she too had to go through the arm pit of hell....AKA Denver) had left, and I was at the airport by myself....wondering what I should do. After a lot of inner battles, I gave up on trying to get to Houston. All I could think about was what a lame way to start my summer vacation. After being defeated by United Airlines, I had to get my luggage back that I had checked (the bag that I watch be put on, and then taken off every flight....which was so sad). When I went back to the check in counter to get my bag, they told me they couldn't find it......seriously? Could my day get any worse? I stood there for quite a while, while the woman talked to several people on her radio trying to locate my bag. Well, the eventually found it, and I was free.....and really unhappy about it! So, needless to say, in stead of spending my first weekend of summer vacation here:

I spent it looking out the windows here (minus the snow):

After being depressed about my foiled vacation plans, I spent several days being mad and angry.....which wasted a few of my precious summer vacation days. I finally came out of my funk....just in time to head to Las Vegas with the Romero side of the fam to celebrate Greg and Karine's 25th wedding anniversary. We had a fabulous time! I spent a lot of time sitting by the pool, and just enjoying doing NOTHING! I've been to Las Vegas so many times, I really had no interest walking up and down the strip. Been there, done that! We did however venture to the strip to see the fountains at the Bellagio (not everyone had seen them), have some Frozen Hot Chocolate from Serendipity, see Mystere......and in true Lindsey fashion.....I ate my weight in crab at the buffet and Treasure Island (you know how I love me some delicious crab!!).

Mystere was really fun! It wasn't my first experience at a Cirque du Soleil , but did not disappoint! It was fun to see how Cameron's siblings who were newbies to the Cirque scene reacted to some of the acts. We had a lot of fun, and enjoyed celebrating with our family such a great event!!

The biggest event/celebration so far this summer was our 3rd wedding anniversaryon the 16th. We kept it low true Cameron and Lindsey fashion.....didn't buy each other gifts, and enjoyed some delicious sushi at our favorite sushi restaurant Iciban. I will spare you the sappy mushy stuff that so often accompanies anniversaries. We love each other more now that we did 3 years ago, and are so excited our next year'll be a tough on....but we've made it this far, and through a lot of I KNOW we will make it!! Love you babe.....

A final event of note in the past month or so was today.....and if you know my husband, you already know what I am talking about.......the launch of the iPhone 4. I love my iPhone and other Apple products that my darling nerd of a husband has introduced me to in our almost 9 years together....but nothing, and I mean NOTHING would make me stand in line for hours and hours like the crazed people did for this new phone. Cameron, being the Apple employee extrodinaire that he is, went into work at the crack of dawn.....6 AM (he was supposed to be there at 5...but hit the wrong button on the alarm...ooops!) to prepare for this event. I knew when I dropped him off, there would be a line (there always is....iPhones are like crack to some people I swear!), but was SHOCKED at the length of it!! It was sheer insanity!! People were everywhere!! Just to give you a reference.....Cam's brothers went and got in line around 8 last night.....and did not get their phones until 4 PM this afternoon!! Ya, there were that many people there. I don't know what else to compare this sheer madness of what I saw to.....a cult following maybe? Anyway, iPhone 4 is officially part of our's like a child. We will be gaining another "child" in February, when I am upgrade eligable. Until then.....welcome iPhone 4. May you bring Cameron much joy and many hours of Face Time.

As for the rest of our summer plans.......I plan on spending a lot of time here!

If you would like to join me, do not hesitate to call! I am there most days! Until next time..............Happy Summer!!!! almost forgot one more important event......Cameron's brother Matt got married on May 29th. I have no pictures from the day (in true Lindsey fashion), but Sharlene (my new sister in-law) posted some on their blog, as well as a recap of their wedding adventures. A link to their blog is in my blog list. It was a fabulous day! Welcome to the fam Shar! Finally....another girl joins this family of boys!!! Karine, Lauren, and I needed some additional estrogen!!