Monday, April 21, 2008

Look out Gene!

Romero's in Review

We've had a very interesting and week.  Let's start with an update on me.....Lindz.  I have officially made it through my first throw up experience as a teacher.  For those who know me oh so well know that my biggest fear as a teacher is puke.  I truly live in fear each day I go to school.  Well, last Wednesday, my little Frank decided to puke during Power Hour (a literacy center program that Murray is involved in).  It wasn't pleasant, but I handled it MUCH better then I ever thought I would have.  Everyone told me that I am now a real teacher.  I would have much rather stayed a rookie :).  

Friday Cam and I had a great time at a farewell BBQ for his friend Curtis that is moving to Texas.  It was fun to see all of Cam's friends from high school and catch up with them.

Saturday was the highlight of my week.  One of my  best friends from MHS, Liz, is getting married on April 30th.  One of her college roommates planned an 80's themed Shower/Bachelorette Party for her.  Let's just say......I totally looked amazing in my 80's get-up!  I bought a fabulous KISS t-shirt, knee length Levi skirt, and black tights with lace around the ankles to wear.  I have always been know to have big hair, but Saturday, my hair was bigger then it has ever been before.  My mother would have been proud!  I so should have been an 80's rocker!  It was a great time, and an exceptional way to celebrate Liz's upcoming wedding!  I will add some pictures when I get them from Liz.  They are classic!

Cam officially put in his 2 weeks notice at UPS tonight.  Hallelujah!!  We have sacrificed a lot since he started working 2 jobs, and decided that money isn't everything and that he needed to take care of himself.  We worked all the insurance issues out, and are switching to use my insurance through the school district.  It is about 3 times as much as Cam's through UPS, but we made it work out.  Now Cam and I can have a normal functioning marriage and actually get to see each other, which will be GREAT!!!!!


Friday, April 11, 2008


I am loving being a teacher! It is more fun than I could have expected! Things haven't been ideal, working with kids never is, but I have had so much fun! I do have some very exciting news of the career front. Many of you know that I did my student teaching in an Extended Day Kindergarten classroom, and that ultimately my goal was to work towards moving towards that kind of position in Murray School District. I really thought that I would have to teach 2 1/2 day sessions of Kindergarten until the trial period of the program ended, but things have worked out in my favor! One of the teachers in Murray who teaches Extended Day decided to retire and I had the opportunity to interview for it. Well, needless to say, I was offered the position and I accepted it!!! So, next year I will be transferring schools and teaching the Extended Day Kindergarten class at Horizon Elementary! I will say this decision was a difficult one because I have grown to absolutely LOVE Parkside, their staff, parents, and mostly the kids whom I teach. It'll be hard for me not to see them in First grade next year! We've had so much fun this year! 

Here are some of their cute little faces from a field trip we took in November to the Kennecott Nature Center!


Cam is still patiently waiting to start the nursing program at the community college. Hopefully he will get to start in January 2009 (keep your fingers crossed for us). In the mean time, he has been keeping super busy! He is still taking classes towards his degree, and working for UPS. He also just recently started working at the Apple Store at the Gateway! Finally he is being paid for selling Apple products! He loves it, but working all night long at UPS and then most of the day at Apple, then going to school in the evening is taking a toll on him. Hopefully, he will be able to only do one job full-time in the near future.

We're Official Bloggers!

We've been bitten by the blogging bug! I guess it is a good way for us to stay in touch with all of our family and friends who are spread throughout the world right now! Life for us the past year has been really great! Here is a brief update on the Romero's!