Wednesday, March 17, 2010

How Guilible Are You?

Let me begin by telling you all how much I really and truly do not like St. Patrick's Day. I fully understand the historical significance, but just think the whole "Wear green or I'll pinch you" thing is a bit much. I am just not a fan......especially of having to wear green. I look AWFUL in green!! But, since I am a teacher, it is the unwritten rule you participate in all of the silly holidays throughout the year, so I do.

Well, this morning was a rough one. I a still trying to recoup from daylight savings. I was late to work (ssshhh....don't tell my principal), but only by 10 minutes and the kids weren't there yet. When I got to about 6400 south and 700 west, I realized that I forgot to put on my green plastic shamrock necklace and was wearing no green. LOVELY!! I am going to have 22 kindergartners pinching me and bugging me about not wearing green all day. I mean let's face it, 5 year olds love St. Patrick's Day almost as much as Halloween. I was planning on keeping everything very low key in order to maintain some sanity, but my kids were SO excited when they came in I decided I might as well play off their excitment.

When they went out for recess at 10:30, I stayed in and knocked over their chairs, sprinkled green glitter all over their tables, and put out gold chocolate coins, and golden nuggets (Rolos) to make them think a sneaky leprechaun came to visit while they were gone. I also bought green strawberry kiwi juice I was going to give them for snack, and found that I had some Lucky Charms cereal for them to eat with their green punch. How much more St. Patrick's Day'ish can you get? I mean, for trying to keep it low key, I ended up having tons of fabulously Irish themed items for them!

Obvioulsy, when they came inside, they were higher than kites! They fully believed that a leprechaun came and messed up our classroom while they were outside. So, thanks to another teachers early morning facebook post (thank you Kristi), I decided to make them think that if I drank the green leprechanun punch, I would get green spots all over by body, because everyone knows that leprechaun punch is only for kids! So, I drank the juice (which was surprisingly really good) and went to the office bathroom and used my dot art paint sticks to put green polk-a-dots all over my arms and chest....I couldn't bring myself to put them on my face. Well, it worked! They believed that I was turning green! It was hilarious!! I can't believe none of them caught on to my prank! I mean, how guilible are these kids!?!?! It made for a great, and very fun day in kindergarten! I am glad I became a little less grouchy about the whole frivolity of the day, and just went with it.

So, go and enjoy some green food and drink tonight....but remember, don't drink the leprechaun punch unless you want to have green spots!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Where does one get a smoothie at night?

So, I was having a MAJOR hankering for a smoothie tonight. Not sure why....I I just needed one. Jamba Juice was what was my next option..........

Yep, McDonald's. And it was DELICIOUS!! I would highly recommend the strawberry banana......just in case you ever find your self with a hankering for a late night smoothie.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Help me choose my picture!!!

So the time has come to choose my biggest loser application photo, and I need you help! Please cast your vote for the picture you think will help me get on the show!!!

Option 1:

Option 2:

Option 3:

Option 4:

Option 5:

I am still working on filling out the's 10 pages long!! Cast your vote on which picture you like best!! I need all the help I can get!!!!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Should I do it?

Yes, we all know I am a little obsessed with The Biggest Loser....this is not news to anyone who frequents the blog. Well, my madre in-law, Karine, text me this morning to tell me that they are holding an open casting call for the next season of The Biggest Loser......right here in Salt Lake City!! Can you believe it? It's on March 20th from 10-5 at KSL broadcast house....and all I need to bring with me is a picture they can keep. Pretty simple, right?.....I say this as I am sitting at my desk eating Goldfish crackers.

Could I really go on television and show off my hot flabby bod to the entire world?

Could I really work out with Jillian and Bob without swearing like a filthy pirate....again on national television? (And try to remember the kind of image I am trying to keep up....being a teacher and all.)

Could I deal with all of the puking that takes place on the show? (Remember, I have a major phobia of puke or any kind!)

Could I really put my life on hold to shoot a television show?

Could I give up my love of delicious food....that let's be honest is in now way healthy?.....remember the Goldfish crackers I am currently eating :).

Could I really do it? Should I really do it?

I am looking for feedback here......even if you NEVER comment on my blog.....or if you are only here because you are "blog stalking" me from another blog.....PLEASE COMMENT!! I AM LOOKING FOR SOME DIRECTION HERE PEOPLE!!!

Could I really be the next Biggest Loser?

Saturday, March 6, 2010


Tomorrow night is the Oscars......I'll be honest.....I am so excited!! I love movies, fashion, and celebrities, so naturally tomorrow night I will be in heaven!! I have seen most of the movies nominated for Best Picture, and there are some great ones. But today, I watched Precious. the only word that describes it. This movie was in no way a feel good movie on the could it be? It is about an illiterate, and abused teenage girl that is continually raped by her own father, and becomes pregnant not once, but twice with his child. Not exactly a "touchy feely" plot line. What made this story/movie amazing was Precious herself....Gabourey Sidibe.

What an amazing and resilient girl. To go through what she went through (all by the age of 16, I might add), and to come out a better and more educated person is an amazing feat. Go see the movie, or wait until it comes out on video. It''l make you laugh, be angry and want to punch her mom in the face (who is played my Mo'Nique, who was also AMAZING in the movie!), and cry when see what this poor girl has to deal with everyday.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Because this made me laugh.....

Lucky for me, I didn't feel this way this time around.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

While I sit and wait.....

Well, we all know what time of year it is.....PARENT TEACHER CONFERENCE TIME! My favorite time of the year.....right? Well, not really, but this year is different than most other years I have taught. I have a fantastic class, and am thrilled to be sharing how much they have learned and grown so far this year. But, that also means I am here at school until 8 o'clock tonight.....and inevitably people miss their appointments, leaving me with time to spare. So, I decided that I would spend my "free" time between conferences, and during the times when I had "no shows" to update the world on the happenings of the Romero's.

Cam and I are up to the same old, same and school. Cameron is doing phenomenally in the nursing program. He never ceases to amaze me with what he is capable of, and with all the information he has learned! I feel incredibly well taken care of any time I get sick....which is a perk, as well as cuts down on my need to go to the doctor for this or that! I couldn't do what he is doing, so I am super proud of him.....I sound like a proud mother, don't I? But I really am proud of how well he is doing. Nursing is no easy field to work in, or to study, but he is really doing well!

I had the chance to spend last weekend in Boise with my sister while she was getting some help from Coach Corey on her time trial form. Lucky for us, our fabulous aunt and uncle, Sue and Gerry, live in Eagle (just a few mins from downtown Boise) and we were able to crash at their house for a few days. We ate FANTASTICALLY (we went to the most delicious Italian restaurant.....the Stuffed Olive and I nearly ate my weight in shrimp scampi and angel hair with Alfredo (so much for the diet of vacation), and had MANY laughs ("Hello....this is Serge.....we have no dial tone today!")!!! Thanks for having us Sue and Ger, taking us to dinner, and for teaching us all the amazing things you can do with a dish towel :)(Gerry is an amazing headdress creator). We love you guys, and can't wait for out next adventure!!

Well, now that this post has taken me hours to write (I started at 2ish, and am finishing up at 7:40), and conferences are done for the evening.....I think I'll head home. My brain is tired from thinking about 21 kindergartners progress, and my voice is tired from talking non-stop. Oh.....and the highlight of the favorite little student (well, he really isn't my student, but I have his sister in my class) Mohamed, had his parent teacher conference. His mom came to talk to me about her kids (she is an amazing lady....they are from Somalia and she is raising 7 kid alone here, and speaks VERY little English). She told me that Mohamed tells her everyday that she should give their baby (who is about 4-5 months old) to me because I need a baby. How darling is that!?!?! I think I might just take the baby if they offered him to me :). I just love him.....well I love all of his siblings! Anywho.....Sounds like a great night for a bubble bath! Only one more day of work this week.....then a 3 day weekend!!!