Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Let me begin by saying how annoyed with blogger I am. Since they made all of these changes, I converted my blog to their new "design" mode. Well, I can't change a lot of my settings now. I can't change the font or font color, center my text, and create links to other websites or blogs.....annoying! My other blog, the teacher on (the link is on my blog list if you care to read it) let's me do all of that, but this one doesn't. Ok....enough with my ranting.

This week has been pretty busy. We have spent lots of time with family at BBQ's and chatting. Susan and Gerry (my auntie and uncle from Boise) came down for a visit. It was good times as usual! We were hoping to get to iChat with Tayler (she is still in Italy), but the internet at her hotel was not working. It was sad! I miss her face a lot and can't wait for her to come home. She was supposed to be home Tuesday, but was offered a chance to stay longer and race with an Italian team!! What an amazing experience for her! I wish I was there with her to take it all it! I told her next time she goes, I will need to go with her and be her personal assistant/PR person. Great idea, right? I think so. Here are some of her latest pics from her European adventures!

Cam has had an interesting few weeks at work. It all began with the iPhone 4 launch, and has continued on to "Antennagate" (I giggle a little every single time I say it).

Ever since people have "heard" about the supposed reception issues with the new iPhone people have been obsessed with "Antennagate"....they call the Apple Store and tell them that "They got antennagate" it's a disease! Too funny! I say, if your phone has issues, get the free case Apple is giving you and quit whining!

Since my summer fun is coming to an end, Cam and I are trying to spend as much time with each other as possible. This week we went and saw Inception. All I can say is WOW!! It was like a mind Olympics!! It was such an awesome movie, but left my brain sore from all of the deep thinking I had done.

If you haven't seen it yet, go see it! You won't regret it!

We also had a chance this week to go to the Bee's game with all of the Romero's. We sat in one of the suites (Thanks Greg and Karine!), and had an awesome time watching the game and the fireworks afterwards. As I have said before, the Bee's game fireworks never disappoint!

I have to admit, I spent a portion of the game sitting inside watching the Tour de France. The Bee's were loosing, and I wanted to feel like I was in Europe with Tayler!

Finally, I have been doing a lot to get ready for the upcoming school year....yes, sad that my summer is coming to an end. I decided to write a project with Donor's Choose to get materials to use in my classroom. It is a great website that has helped a lot of teachers get awesome materials to help their kids learn!

You should check out my project at this website:

I almost forgot one of the highlights of my week!! We all know how much I LOVE trashy television. Well, this week I have fallen in love with this lady.........

Yes, you are correct. I am officially one of Bethenny Frankel's (one of the Real Housewives of New York) biggest fans. She is darling, annoyoing, and just all around fabulous! I am so going to buy her Skinny Girl Books!!

I also have grown to love these ladies........

Yes, more housewives! This time, it is the ladies from New Jersey! Thank you Bravo for introducing me to this wonderfully delicious smut!!

Until next time my friends......enjoy some trashy television!!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Very Aero!!

Tayler looking very aerodynamic during the time trial in stage 2 of the Tour de Feminin en Limousin. She was the fastest US woman by 1 min!!!

For more picture from France......visit this website:

Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Best 100th Post Possible......

After cycling for two years, Utahn now cycles for Team USA in top European courses

Article by: Jared Eborn (Deseret News, July 22, 2010)

SALT LAKE CITY — Two years ago, Tayler Wiles was your typical college student, happily going through the days and preparing to start her second year at the University of Utah.

Then a friend talked her into signing up for a bike race, and Wiles, a 2007 Murray High grad, was transformed.

"I fell in love with it from the moment I got on the bike," Wiles said.

And now, the bubbly blonde with an infectious smile is wearing the stars and stripes as she represents the United States on an elite team of young cyclists racing in some of Europe's top women's races.

Wiles, who celebrated her 21st birthday a few days ago in style while racing in Italy's GP Cento Carnevale d'Europa, will soon race the Tour de Feminin en Limousin in France.

"I had no idea I had the potential to do this," Wiles said. "I just signed up because it sounded fun."

That race, the Sanpete Classic in 2008, was a mix of success and failure. Wiles said she jumped out and joined a breakaway in the women's Cat 4 field but eventually fell off the pace and settled for a mid-pack finish.

But it lit a fire that has not slowed down since.

"The first race was a huge eye-opener," she said. "We were pacelining and I had no idea what that was. I was just trying to keep up."

Those days are long gone. No longer is Wiles simply trying to keep up with the pace — she's setting it.

Though Wiles was "hooked" on the sport after that first race, she had to wait several months for the next season to start. When it did, she wasted no time in rocketing up the local racing scene. She won her first two races in 2009 — including the Tour of the Depot stage race — and quickly upgraded to Cat 3.

As a Cat 3, Wiles was eligible to race against the Cat 1 and 2 racers and more than held her own. She had frequent top-5 finishes and won the grueling 170-mile Tour of Park City.

A month later, Wiles was part of a breakaway in the 206-mile LOTOJA race — winning the sprint for second while the overall winner had escaped up the road several miles earlier.

Those results caught the attention of more than just the local racers.

Pro development team Colavita Cycling noticed Wiles and signed her to race for them. At the recently completed national championships in Oregon, Wiles finished ninth overall in the Women's Elite race and was second in the U-23 results.

"I finally felt like I belonged," Wiles said. "There have been some national races this year where it was kind of intimidating. I was used to racing in Utah and keeping up just fine. But the national races are tough. Those girls are no less cutthroat than the guys. It's really intense."

As the season progressed — 2010 is just the second full year of racing for Wiles — her confidence grew and the results came. She has had top-10 finishes at the Tucson Bicycle Classic and Tour of Walla Walla where she won the road race in the stage race and finished second overall.

Her success was noticed by other racers, but also by USA Cycling. Wiles' coach, Corey Hart, was contacted by USAC just before nationals and was told there may be a spot for Wiles on the development team it was sending to Europe.

Instead of telling Wiles, though, Hart sat on the news hoping not to distract her.

"I think he didn't want me thinking about anything but nationals," Wiles said. "But when he told me, I was like 'Yes, yes, yes, definitely.' "

Always an athlete when she was growing up — Wiles played soccer and ran on the track team at Murray High — cycling, obviously, came naturally. The long, endurance aspects of the sport were no trouble and the explosive bursts of speed needed to win sprints have come fairly easily.

Yet Wiles — who nearly always races with a huge grin on her face — admits to suffering on the bike.

"It's so hard," she said. "You work for hours and push yourself to the absolute limit. But in the end, it's so worth it."

Especially when all that work results in a trip to Italy to celebrate your 21st birthday while racing against many of the world's best young cyclists.

I love my sister! She is (and should be if she isn't to you already) an inspiration to a lot of people including me. I am so proud of her accomplishments (cycling and otherwise) and know no matter how far she goes, or what she does, she will be good at it! Show everyone at the Tour de Feminin en Limousin what you are made of Tayler!!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

All American......

If this doesn't make you smile........

You aren't American!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Good Times in July!

The past few weeks have been filled with many good times! The 4th of July is one of my favorite holidays! This year was especially fun because we got to celebrate for 3 days! Our celebrations began on the 3rd and the Murray parade. Cameron and I both always "complain" about going to the's early in the morning (which in the not my favorite time of the day), and there are a lot of people (which is not Cameron's thing at all). But, we always go and once we get there remember why we always go. I love parades! It was so fun! I got to see a lot of people I went to high school with.....remember, people from Murray NEVER leave......and some of my darling little students who were in the parade. We had fun with Cam's parents, grandparents, sister, and cousin. Ryan, one of Cam's brothers, is a Student Body Officer at Murray High and was in the parade this year, so we had someone to watch for! My step brother Cody was supposed to be in the parade as well with the football team, but decided to sleep in instead. Oh well.....

After we saw Ryan, we decided we'd seen enough of the parade.....since most of it were political hopefuls passing out fliers and bad candy, we decided to go out for breakfast. Since we were sitting in front of Mimi's Cafe on State Street, we decided to go there.

Mimi's, for the most part doesn't disappoint (we've had a few bad experiences there) and this time was delish! I love quiche and don't know why I don't enjoy it more......oh, it is probably because it is buttery and delicious and sticks right to my butt. But, it was delicious, and a great end to our morning. Cameron had to work from 12-9, so by the time we got home fireworks had already started so we just stayed home. We could see some of the West Jordan fireworks from our house!

Sunday the 4th, Cam once again had to work. Gotta love working in retail! I spent the day at the second home. When Cam got home we met up with some of our friends. Curtis, one of Cameron's friends from high school, was in town so we all met up for some good times and pool.

Cam worked on Monday.....again, but that night we were able to go to the Bee's game with Liz and Josh. I love baseball, and nothing says summer like a good baseball game.

It was a fireworks night, so the game was PACKED! We had a great time though sitting in the outfield (which was probably as hot as the surface of the sun until about 8), chatting, watching the game, eating chicken fingers and snow cones. Like baseball, summer screams snow cones!!

We love snow cones! I will say I was incredibly unhappy with the flavor choices......they only had cherry and blueberry!! The fireworks after the game were awesome! I can't wait to see them again when we go to the game on the 23rd and sit in one of the boxes.....let's hope this is a new Romero Family tradition (hint....hint.....Greg and Karine).

Tuesday....yes, we had another event this week.....we got together for a BBQ and swimming with Brock and Natalie. It was great fun!! I love that our apartment has BBQ's at the pool! It makes for a one stop spot for a good time!

Wednesday I had a chance to help interview one of the candidates for the Kindergarten position we have at our school. It was so fun! I was so impressed with her, and am so excited to work with her next year! It will be a challenge.....since she is having a baby at the end of August.....but will be a fun adventure!

And last, but not least, last night we had yet another BBQ (it's summer......grilling at gatherings is a necessity) as a Bon Voyage for my cycling sister who leaves this week for Europe to race with the US National Team! It was fun as always, and a great way to celebrate such an awesome experience for Tayler. News has spread about her cycling skills.....and the Deseret News is doing an article on her accomplishments some time this week! She went to have her pictures take in Memory Grove with the photographer on Monday. I guess the photographer doesn't know much about cycling......some of the pictures were a little silly. However, I don't care! I think my sister is a rock star and even if some of the pictures look a little cheesy, I KNOW the article will do her skills justice! Here is my favorite picture.....

I will post the article when it comes well as updates on her races for all those who care! And everyone should care because someday she will be an Olympian!!

Friday, July 2, 2010

Europe Anyone?

This cycling enthusiast, also know as my sister Tayler, is going to race for the US National team in a few weeks!! She will be racing the GP Centro Carnevale d'Europa in Italy and the Tour de Feminin in France! Pretty proud of my little sis! Now, we need to start fundraising so I can go with her!!


Ya, I'm Published....

In June, I had the chance to write lesson plans for the new Social Studies core curriculum.....which was a pretty cool experience if you ask me. I met and worked with 2 AMAZING kindergarten teachers and created some pretty fun and interactive ways to teach the new core. Well, today I received an email to say that they have officially been published to the UEN website. So, ya.....I'm published now! (Sounds a little cocky, doesn't it.....but oh well.) So, if you have any interest what-so-ever in seeing what I helped write, visit the UEN website here:

For my other teacher "peeps", there are lesson plan ideas for all grade levels......enjoy......even through I didn't write them! Thank you USOE for the great experience!

On another teacher note, I have had the chance this week to sit in on the interviews for our part time kindergarten teacher (So sad by buddy and partner in crime Marsha is moving to a new school! Great for her, sad for me!). There are a lot of really qualified people out there!!! Glad I am not the one making the decision about who to hire (although this is good experience for my future job as a principal).

Happy 4th to all of my devoted readers! May you be safe and enjoy BBQ's with family and friends, and the wonder of fireworks displays!