Sunday, March 6, 2011

Tis the Season......

For cycling!!!

The first race of the season for my favorite cyclist, my sister sue, began this week in California at the Merco Credit Union Cycling Classic.  I have been religiously checking my twitter account today for updates on the final stage on the race.

My favorite part if the race.......

Going into today's stage Tayler wears the Young Rider Jersey!!

And, this happy text I got from her yesterday.......

"Best crit of my life!!!!  I worked on the front for the team and was in the lead out for the sprint, just drilled it for the last two laps to string it out!!  Coryn got second to Ina which is awesome!!  And we kept the yellow (leaders jersey)!!  Amanda is in the sprinter jersey so I'm in the young rider jersey! :)"

Wish I was there to cheer her on!!

Keep you fingers crossed for a strong finish for the team!!

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