Saturday, March 26, 2011

Why I Love Today

2 Reasons........

1.  It is Cameron's last day of clinical here.....

And last day of clinical....EVER!!!  We plan on celebrating when he gets home!!
One more month of school, and he will officially be DONE!!!
It's been a long road.
May 6th is the big day!!!!

2.  It's Race Day!!

Today is stage 2 of the San Dimas Stage Race in California. Tayler is the 4th one back, in her stealth red "Terminator" glasses. (This pic is from Merco....but you get the idea.)  Wish I was there to cheer her on! All 4 of the parental units are headed to Redlands next weekend to watch her race before she heads to Europe for the Spring Classics.

It's looking sunny outside, perhaps I will head out for a ride on Flosser.  
But if the wind picks up, Mother Nature and I will have words!

Hooray for today and SPRING BREAK!!!!


Suzi Q said...

YAY for Cameron! And Yay for you Spring Break ROCKS!